Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

Photo_Ria every where

yesterday me and my friends went to the library rara my campus center, because many tasks before the semester exams,, got confused on where the library because the building was also used for lectures, (haha I have not been to the central library).
and after only borrow 2 books, I came home and berpoto in the hall way to the central library...

Rabu, 01 Desember 2010


Uwaaaa. . . 1 December!!
I was 20 years old now I've run aground and full of responsibility,.hehe
Wash to meet with my hubby.
Since the day I proposed last week by Doni and I Am very happy because I consciously accept it. Hehe

My time to become mature and serious relationship began to love Doni as a prospective wife.
No more childish trait. This time I got up and hold ourselves to be stronger because I've grown.

Hapeful at the age of maturity before it is.
- I hope this relationship blessing by ALLAH SWT.
- my parents happy reply to all servis my self for small sampai sedewasa ini, without them I could never breathe now.
- quickly graduated from college and get a very satisfactory quality of life.

Jumat, 19 November 2010

Eid Al Adha

"paris hijab, cardigan by Nevada, white-batik mini drez bought @ PGS, J.J jeans and unbranded shoes"

on 17 yesterday was eidul adha feast in which all Muslims celebrate "kurban",, and l'm holidays just for 2 days but it was very less,, hehe
wandering holidays I visited my best friend is his Son and we are having fun


Kamis, 18 November 2010

The Dark Side (deep inside)

When two sides are fused in a second etenity in the deepest of this self. When it also never again in can think only about the dark, about the tragedy of the past and all the painful transition is in the heart of this hypocrisy and faithfulness when the shackles of its own so the livers can be separated from this gloom, smelling feeling dark again. I survive from all the threats my dark side.,

And always just looking for peace on the basis of apparent heart who loved you without a reality that does not mean the self-hate about this and about the dark you now.

Senin, 15 November 2010

Life be Alive

This is the first time in 3 years I Felt myself more alive and free,.I feel myself and happy cause there is a friend to help me motivate myself and I Know I'm not going work but because the relaxation of her.
Aura in me now brighter and I really Love "ALLAH" cause without ridhonya I'll not be able to rise from the arrest of 3 years. I could let go and give up everything with sincerity and try to positive thinking. I'll start a new life with a more cheersful and happy. :-)

What happened in the past let it be passed receive a bitter reality that is not too bad and I dont want to remember it all.

Last monday I and classmates held a photo fun on campus. So sweet, because I rarely want to know others and for now at least I Have to socialize and gather a lot of friends, because that can only help us are friends.
Open ourselves to other people is fun and eager to manifest what I want about my life from now on.
"no one who can drop you unless you are letting" it has to be embedded in my memory.
At least I'm trying to became a better person and can stand alone

There is no picture no fashion is still busy with coursework. Hehe
I prefer to view fashion blog hijab-ers yeah because it is an inspiration to me.

--Keep Fight Blog Hopping!!--

Kamis, 11 November 2010


Finally my blog can be opened as well, two days of confusion I remamber my email password,.hehe

how are you all??
been a month I didn't update the blog that this simple but very meaningful to my life. This is where the story of my life where I think my life is very precious and very necessary for the capture., hehe

By the way for one month I was very busy college many tasks and activities that must be implemented,. Let alone this week so the brain and inner torment me.
yeah because of midterms and again there are many problems of my personal in my life.
which is about departure of someone that I love of my life. hehe
always pray for him (but I dont want to discuss him) hehe

ammmm. . . .
and awaits the day on 17 ron IDUL AD'HA later not want to Sholat together patiently and eat the meat hehe