Rabu, 01 Desember 2010


Uwaaaa. . . 1 December!!
I was 20 years old now I've run aground and full of responsibility,.hehe
Wash to meet with my hubby.
Since the day I proposed last week by Doni and I Am very happy because I consciously accept it. Hehe

My time to become mature and serious relationship began to love Doni as a prospective wife.
No more childish trait. This time I got up and hold ourselves to be stronger because I've grown.

Hapeful at the age of maturity before it is.
- I hope this relationship blessing by ALLAH SWT.
- my parents happy reply to all servis my self for small sampai sedewasa ini, without them I could never breathe now.
- quickly graduated from college and get a very satisfactory quality of life.

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