Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010


Destruction of the very deep feeling when you come back into my life, when I decided to forget you
and now you torture me every day without any crack for me to breathe
I love you all but I could never survive in your torment.
I have tried every way I'd never hurt but because of you all be in vain, I hate you BABI love it because my pain.
I'll try again, try to get up and forget everything painful about me, you know I never loved anyone but yourself, and always still love you but not for your pain.

wait, loved and survived for three years with you were tired. hope you will always be with me,.
Your ignorance could kill me


I will be able to even though I do not want
I believe that without you I will live and very lively, without suffering, without depression and without blame myself. I love you BI

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