Kamis, 11 November 2010


Finally my blog can be opened as well, two days of confusion I remamber my email password,.hehe

how are you all??
been a month I didn't update the blog that this simple but very meaningful to my life. This is where the story of my life where I think my life is very precious and very necessary for the capture., hehe

By the way for one month I was very busy college many tasks and activities that must be implemented,. Let alone this week so the brain and inner torment me.
yeah because of midterms and again there are many problems of my personal in my life.
which is about departure of someone that I love of my life. hehe
always pray for him (but I dont want to discuss him) hehe

ammmm. . . .
and awaits the day on 17 ron IDUL AD'HA later not want to Sholat together patiently and eat the meat hehe


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