Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010

my day

Ramadan is coming, and my new school year in college will begin this month hikz: '((can not vacation)
The most striking and my mom made me wear the headscarf during college (OMG I'm not ready)

and I should think I have to wear what to the campus!
huft,,, browse and view his blog users hijab, hohoho

okay actually I have not fully prepared because I did not want to be viewed by anyone hypocrite if I was covered but my behavior is still not fully well (okay I'm not perfect) but I will try to become a better Muslim as a person.

today I went to Surabaya to take care of the state university college and I should be disappointed because no one's there (well fool I was not aware of the day week hehe)
and way way to the Royal plaza just want to buy Gogirl Magz but not outstanding so I already bought Marie claire (I'm still 19 years old) and it did not disappoint teryata haha and bonuses as well (make-up case)

okay good day

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